Sunday, March 22, 2015

the mountains are for us

Last Thursday I said hello to unknown trails and well known silence
The green made me smile
The air made me sigh

It felt like a 90 degree type of angle.
A pen and paper kind of connection.

I looked around and felt everything.

Every time I passed someone, I said hello
Asked them how they were
Felt like I cared

Like it was for a homework assignment or something
As if 14 friendly hellos guaranteed an A.

But it didn't. And no one told me it would.

The mountains just make you kinder.
They take your heart and shape it into something beautiful. Something natural.

They make you breathe and feel
Make us feel like it’s ok to not be important
And that’s important.

Because there are 6 billion of us on this planet.
And there’s not enough time for us all to be told that we matter as much as we do.

Maybe that’s how the trees feel though.

Because last Thursday I went on a hike and I lost count of how many trees I saw at around number 1,087

But each new tree still caught my eye and held my breath
Shaped my heart to be a little kinder.
A little better

And I've seen 200 different mountains and never once have I thought one needed more snow or that it stretched a little too wide.

Because at the end of the day, every mountain has a sunset and every tree can be climbed
Every single one is named Beauty.

And I think
when we look at the mountains and stare at the trees,
God opens a window into what He thinks of us.
With all our flaws and every imperfection. With our broken branches and dying leaves
He still carves love into our trunks
And hope into our hearts

He wants us to know that He cares.
He wants us to know that He cares.
And I know that He cares.

Because He took the time to make flowers and rain, He allows rocks to hold stories and paths to have history.

I know

Because the mountains,

the mountains, were made

for us.

F. Sharpe


  1. "Make us feel like it’s ok to not be important
    And that’s important" #stolen
    I love this, the simicity and beauty in mountains
    I think we take them for granted too much.
    This was perfect.
    Thank you.

  2. One of my favorite things is to drive in the canyon and just sit in awe how beautiful the world is... Excellent post once again felicity!

  3. this made me shiver and it may be because i am eating ice but i don't think it was. i loved this and i love the mountains.

  4. i hate hiking. but i think this made me start to want to love it.

  5. Whoa. Yes. This post was fantastic.

    "It felt like a 90 degree type of angle."

    There was poetry and truth and beauty and kindness and hope and everything in this blog post.

    This felt like therapy to read.

  6. *chanting*
    reveal, reveal, reveal!
    One of my faves since day one, haven't let me down since.