Friday, March 27, 2015

thank you, felicity.

24 get-out-your-journal periods ago we were all asked to introduce ourselves.

We were asked to pick a friend. The type of friend that lets you hide behind them just long enough to get some things out there that have been locked up for too long.

I picked Felicity Sharpe.
She picked Little Red
He picked Charlie Laurent
They picked Heisenburg, Alta June, Walter Mitty, Beatrice McCandless, Avery Moon, Sonny Jean, A S Ketchum, Pepper Ivey.

We chose them and they chose us.

Felicity become my dear diary, 
my I-hate-boys Ben and Jerry’s, 
my ladder that reached just to the top of a wall I couldn't seem to get around.
She became me.

I picked her because her name sounded cool. Because I always liked the idea of having a name that people automatically had an opinion about.

What I didn't realize was that I was picking her for so much more.

And I don’t mean to be the creepy uncle at the family reunion,
but Felicity,

look how much you've grown up.

Look how much we've learned.

So I guess this is a thank you.
Addressed to Felicity.

For being a version of me that let me be so much more than just me.
And for teaching me that being me is ok.
Is great.
Is everything.

For teaching me that,

Brittney Porter,

Is allowed to make people feel things.

And to feel a whole lot more.

For the last time,

F. Sharpe


  1. first comment


  2. The creepy uncle. Haha. I love your use of other pen names. And the specificity (hey that rhymes with felicity) of 24 days.

  3. And one of the best. You're amazing. BP for VP lol:) honestly incredible and made me feel things.

  4. "my ladder that reached just to the top of a wall I couldn't seem to get around" OH MY WORD. I just hit my couch really hard and jumped up and down because somehow I just had this feeling it was you, and honestly I had no reason to believe it was you but I'm so happy I was right! AGH your blog is amazing, has been one of my faves since the beginning. I'm gonna miss Felicity. But I'm excited for you to write as Brittney!!

  5. I'll be honest... I don't know who you are... :'( that will change ;) Your blog is THE greatest!

  6. Unreal writing. Unreal blog. You are one of the greats and I know you will keep scattering sunshine wherever you go. You make my life a little brighter and I will always look up to you. I LOVE YOU!

  7. YES BRITNEY! you are such a gifted writer, definitely one of my favorites.

  8. You're an amazing writer and I am so glad you took this class because everyone has benefited from it.

  9. AHA!! Good to finally know that this is yours Britney! You are so talented. And can you please make a band named Felicity Sharpe because I would pre-pay for the first album. :)

  10. You're writing is incredible! Brittany or Felicity, I love it

  11. Yesssss. Youre my idol. I dig this reveal so hard. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Yours was one I always read. absolutely AMAZING.

  13. "So I guess this is a thank you.
    Addressed to Felicity."

    I love this reveal. i definitely dig this idea!

  14. one of my fav blogssss you're unreal!

  15. Still good. I'm going to show this to my class tomorrow, because THIS IS HOW WE DO IT.

  16. SO GOOD
    you said you didn't actually like your reveal
    but you must be kidding

    here's to aspirations of a real good reveal
    that won't be the end of us and our pen names.