Saturday, April 2, 2016

the power of a broken heart

This one is for the boy with the leather belt

For the fact that he thought it would feel better
Around his neck than around his waist

For the fact that he told a girl about the demons in his head
And she asked for space
Because hearing those things was hard for her

And it’s not her fault because she didn’t deserve to hear it

Didn’t deserve to be put in a position where someone was blaming her for the darkness in their heart
Didn’t deserve to be reminded that life isn’t anything like 90% of 80s sitcoms made us think it would be

But there she was
And there he was

People telling them it wasn’t that big of a deal
They’re overreacting
Move on

She should just stop being his friend “it isn’t healthy”
And he should just get over himself  and“focus on the positives”

But what no one could seem to understand is the power of a broken heart
The way it can change your life and steals the light from your eyes
The way it hurts

Because if you were walking down the street
And someone started choking you
I can guarantee you anything
If you turned to see who it was
And realized
It was someone you loved

Someone you would’ve given your life to
Someone you trusted,
taking the very life out of your lungs,

You would die of a broken heart

Before you ever had the chance to realize
You were becoming

Short of breath



  1. this broke my heart and had me feeling all the feelings

  2. Yes, this is heartbreaking and beautiful.

    1. I don't know who you are but thanks for you comments. They mean more than you know

  3. wow. you are a beautiful author.